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It is a painful and stressful circumstance to lose a loved one. Compounding the ordeal is the complexity of handling the probate estate of a decedent.


The ESTATE website was created to assist; probate executors, estate trustees and family members by creating a pathway to reach professional:


Estate Lawyers

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Resources the Estate Settlement Process


Working  with a qualified estate professional can produce real peace of mind for families.


The estate settlement process is a very complex legal procedure. While it may be tempting for a family member appointed executor or trustee to “go it alone” doing so is fraught risks and liabilities.


An executor or trustee that fails to know all applicable estate laws and probate procedures can be held personally liable for violating their fiduciary duties.


Not having experience in settling an estate can also cause needless delays in distributing assets to beneficiaries and reduce the value of the estate assets. Poorly managed estate proceedings can also put a heavy strain on family relationships.


The good news is that estates can be settled with a minimal amount of anxiety when estate lawyers and other professional are employed.


If you are named the executor in a loved one’s Last Will and Testament or the trustee of a living trust we recommend that you talk to an estate lawyer shortly after the funeral to protect the estate assets and limit your potential liabilities.


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